Careful planning of your stairwell and interior renovation

Unfortunately, stairwell and interior renovation projects are often started without proper planning or supervision. When trying to achieve cost savings, you sometimes end up creating issues in the property that could have been avoided with careful planning in advance. For instance, the compatibility of different materials and paints, and especially the lack thereof, can cause surprises during the renovation.

The know-how in our company derives from planning and supervising the stairwell renovations of several high-value buildings in Helsinki, and our personnel’s own previous experience on carrying out similar stairwell and interior contracts.

An essential part of planning stairwell renovation consists of colour analyses and drawing up plans. Taking these areas into account, we can offer the best result for planning an old and decorated stairwell, not forgetting simpler stairwells and interiors that also are an image of their era.

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Project developer services

We offer project developer services to the extent that the client wants.

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